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Grammarians, march forth!

(This is a spelling error, not a grammatical mistake, but you get the idea. Bandon, Oregon. Photo by Christy Karras.)

In honor of National Grammar Day, I bring you some thoughts on one of my favorite subjects.

First, photos of ridiculous grammar gaffes (and other signage errors) from the Huffington Post.

Second, this column from the Chronicle of Higher Education. I like this one not only for its main argument, the “fewer” versus “less than” controversy (although I agree with the columnist on that) but also for its mention of vague or otherwise useless terms that should be banned. In this case, those words are “utilize,” “proactive,” and “lifestyle.” I don’t mind “lifestyle” so much, but I’d like to add my own: “facility,” along with “very” and “somewhat” and a host of other adverbs. Just be specific, people! A “facility” could be a hospital, a baby-food factory, or a weapons armory. Why not just say what you’re talking about?

Feel free to vent about your own peeves. And happy Grammar Day!

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1 Erin { 03.08.10 at 9:15 pm }

Usage peeve: the redundant “So, consequently.”

Grammar peeve: past perfect simple tense. People with otherwise standard grammar will say, “She had came to my apartment before” and, “He had gave me a gold locket.”

Spelling peeve: Homophones. I deleted more than a dozen guys from my inbox for “whether/weather” confusion. Then again, I have typed “aloud” for “allowed.” That was a low point in my life.

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