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Film Festival Madness

In the midst of the Seattle International Film Festival here. They call it the nation’s largest for a reason: 450 or so film of all stripes…whew!

Here are some links to my coverage for Moving Pictures Network:

My festival preview:

My Ewan McGregor tribute story (no, I didn’t get to talk to him. Yes, I slipped his publicist a copy of my motorcyle touring book. And the most surprising thing about him? He’s a hairy dude (in a masculine, sexy way, of course).

I’m reviewing as many world premieres as possible. Here are the first couple:

A Lot Like You:

Do You see Colors When You Close Your Eyes?:

I’m so happy to be back to reviewing. Look for more reviews of film and other things in upcoming posts…

(Ewan McGregor, right, reacts to a mention of his hairstyle in the period film "Emma.")




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