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For the ladies of ECWC…and post-conference announcement!

I promised I would upload the handout from my presentation at the Emerald City Writers Conference, where I had a terrific time with an awesome bunch of writers. I got a bit bogged down writing another book, but I’m back in the world of the living, and here it is. Please feel free to contact me if you have follow-up questions.

Also, you may recall from the conference that my buddy Jim Thomsen (the one single, heterosexual man brave or crazy enough to go to a conference full of suspicious women) and I are going into business together to share our editing and media-relations expertise. It’s called Proof Positive Media, and I’m very excited about it. Call me crazy, but I love editing. And I love helping people with their media relations. Both are so much more fun to do for others than for myself!

We’re launching the business with a post-conference special. You know all those agents who asked you for a partial based on your awesome pitch? And you told them, “Yes, my book is done. I’m just doing a final polish”? And now you’re freaking out a bit because you know you want your final polish to be as perfect as possible, and yet you are so tired of looking at your manuscript that your eyes swim every time you try?

We want to reduce your angst. And we want to spread the word about our new business. So, through the end of 2010, we’re offering a post-conference special: For a mere $150, we will put that final polish on your submission of up to 10,000 words. That will typically consist of a synopsis and three sample chapters. The polish includes editing your writing for spelling, grammar, usage, and sentence structure. We will also give suggestions on things like word choice and continuity issues, while ensuring your unique voice shines through. Combined, we have more than 35 years’ experience (yikes!) in the publishing business, including work on newspapers, magazines, and books.

This is your chance to impress, and we’d like to help ensure you make the most of it by turning in a squeaky-clean submission.

For more information, please contact us at Find out more about me at (The Proof Positive website will be active soon.) And thanks for stopping by!

Click right here for the handout, in PDF form. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading it.

(Here I am, looking pretty dorky during my presentation.)

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Grammarians, march forth!

(This is a spelling error, not a grammatical mistake, but you get the idea. Bandon, Oregon. Photo by Christy Karras.)

In honor of National Grammar Day, I bring you some thoughts on one of my favorite subjects.

First, photos of ridiculous grammar gaffes (and other signage errors) from the Huffington Post.

Second, this column from the Chronicle of Higher Education. I like this one not only for its main argument, the “fewer” versus “less than” controversy (although I agree with the columnist on that) but also for its mention of vague or otherwise useless terms that should be banned. In this case, those words are “utilize,” “proactive,” and “lifestyle.” I don’t mind “lifestyle” so much, but I’d like to add my own: “facility,” along with “very” and “somewhat” and a host of other adverbs. Just be specific, people! A “facility” could be a hospital, a baby-food factory, or a weapons armory. Why not just say what you’re talking about?

Feel free to vent about your own peeves. And happy Grammar Day!

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