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Film Festival Madness

In the midst of the Seattle International Film Festival here. They call it the nation’s largest for a reason: 450 or so film of all stripes…whew!

Here are some links to my coverage for Moving Pictures Network:

My festival preview:

My Ewan McGregor tribute story (no, I didn’t get to talk to him. Yes, I slipped his publicist a copy of my motorcyle touring book. And the most surprising thing about him? He’s a hairy dude (in a masculine, sexy way, of course).

I’m reviewing as many world premieres as possible. Here are the first couple:

A Lot Like You:

Do You see Colors When You Close Your Eyes?:

I’m so happy to be back to reviewing. Look for more reviews of film and other things in upcoming posts…

(Ewan McGregor, right, reacts to a mention of his hairstyle in the period film "Emma.")



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What I’ve been up to

Not so good about blogging lately…because I’ve been too busy writing for other people!

First, and update on the road trip: I had a great time talking to Kerry Bringhurst on Utah Public Radio’s Access Utah show. If you missed it, here’s a link to streaming audio. And yes, I discuss the time I met the Queen.

I also had fun speaking at libraries, talking about my book More than Petticoats: Remarkable Utah Women. My audiences were fantastic listeners and very keen on the book! Here’s a photo from my Park City Library appearance. This is me and my friend Amber, who drove up with another friend, Margaret Ruth (who took this picture). We went out to grab a drink afterward – what could be better than hitting the town with two flame-haired beauties?










Since my return from Utah, I’ve focused mostly on the Seattle International Film Festival. I’ve been covering it for Moving Pictures. Here are links to my stuff:

Festival Preview:

Ewan McGregor tribute story:

“a Lot Like You” review:

…and there’ll be a lot more where that came from. Whew!

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